The Hippity Dippity Witch

ABOUT Lorraine O Byrne

Lorraine O Byrne
My name is Lorraine O'Byrne, I live in Ireland. I work full-time as a children's writer. My first book was published recently, it's entitled 'The Hippity Dippity Witch'. It's for children of the six to nine age group, an adventure story full of magic and talking animals, a heart warming ta More...


What terrible thing has happened to Willow Grove? Once a beautiful haven, nnow a scene of total devastation. The creatures of the forest cower in terror, but from what? There is a cruel magic at hand here. It is up to Jenny to solve the mystery and save her friends before it is too late!

Snippets from my book 'The Hippity Dippity Witch' The spider wore a blue frilly bonnet with white polka dots and on each leg white silken stockings spun from the thread of her own web... Henrietta gave a big sigh and using a thread from her web launched into the air and swirled downwards until she reached the press beside the bed. Resting her head on one of her legs she grumbled. 'Thought witches were used to spiders.' 'Gotta scarper, Griselda. The missus is expecting this rye grass. You know what females are like.' The toad's chest ballooned outwards as his face turned pink. 'Course you do.' Giving a wink at Marigold he leaped out the door. 'Be seeing ya.' 'Gosh you are ugly,' she sneered. 'Marigold,' Griselda exclaimed in shock. 'Well he is I've never seen a cat with four different colours before. It 'aint natural.'