ABOUT Danyelle Tousey

Danyelle Tousey
I grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Chicago when I was 18. I always wanted to be a writer but my life moved in a different direction than I had planned as a kid. I ended up hanging out with the wrong crowd and started doing drugs. I have found help and sobriety since and now my goal is to  More...


Marissa, had her whole life planned out. These plans did not include relying on a substance to be able to make it through the day. However, she accidentally hurt her ankle and began taking what she thought was ‘Extra Strength Ibuprofen.’ She did notice there was something not quite right about how they made her feel. But she enjoyed the effects so much that she ignored all the signs that something was wrong. Before she knew it her whole life had unexpectedly changed

The story is loosely based on my life. I know how it feels to become hopelessly addicted to a substance and that is what I wanted to convey in my writing.