Young Adult, General Fiction

By Ey Wade

Publisher : Inknbeans Press


Ey Wade
Ey Wade is the single parent of three awesome young women, whom she home-schooled into college and the grandmother, ‘Lovey’ of a little boy. Ey likes to say of herself “Knowing me as a writer and author is like cracking an egg’s shell in the air and wondering how far the splatter More...



As she approached her 18th birthday, Debney Nichole Armstrong was preparing for a beautiful future.  In one horrible night she learned that her past was a fabric of lies and none of her friends were true.  Despite her grief, she maneuvered a gauntlet of bullies, solved the riddle of what happened to her family, prepared herself for a new life and new responsibilities, and made the greatest discovery of all:  just how strong she really is.