eBook - The Dark Goddess

General Fiction, Horror, Romance

By Melissa Marmino

Publisher : Melissa Marmino

eBook - The Dark Goddess

ABOUT Melissa Marmino

Melissa Marmino
I'm 30 years old. And I like to type down stories. I like poetry as well, and have a book of poems. Most of my novels are romance themed. They all have a love story to tell. I've written some alternate novels. And some are straight from my imagination. I like to write fantasy themed storie More...



Lyssia de Romanus the daughter of Marius, tells of how she becomes a vampiric Goddess.
As men dig up her body from behind what was once Akasha and Enkil's thrones, deep down in a hidden chamber, where Marius once lived in Greece.
She recounts the times throughout ancient history that she traveled with her father. And of how she discovered she was no mere vampire like he, but something more...
She learns the language and ways of the modern world as she is unearthed. She runs into an old vampire friend named Justus, while in Britain.
Together they travel to America, and start a band called The Dark Goddess. In time she runs into Marius and the one she turned into a vampire; Lestat.
Both want her, but she has other plans for herself.

Explicit language and sex scenes.