Paperback - Immortal Creatures

Romance, Horror, General Fiction

By Melissa Marmino

Publisher : Melissa Marmino

Paperback - Immortal Creatures

ABOUT Melissa Marmino

Melissa Marmino
I'm 30 years old. And I like to type down stories. I like poetry as well, and have a book of poems. Most of my novels are romance themed. They all have a love story to tell. I've written some alternate novels. And some are straight from my imagination. I like to write fantasy themed storie More...



This is a Queen of the Damned altenative story. It tells of what could have happened if Akasha had not been destroyed.
This story is about the rise of all the Immortal species, as well as the demise of some. God-like creatures placed into human avatars.
Violet eyed, Lyssa de Gacian is one of these new Immortal creatures. One of the first of her kind, a kind simply called the Immortals.
She starts off as Akasha's personal confidant. But later leaves her to go and learn more about herself, and how she came to be.
When she returns, she finds Akasha and her husband Enkil, have been turned into vampires. Another of the Immortal creatures; a (dark)death species of Immortals.
Feeling a threat from this species of Immortals, Lyssa leaves. Her kind have regenerative blood, and can't be drained. Something the blood-feeding vampires would love to have access to.
Lyssa continues her travels, and comes across more Immortal creatures. Some of her own kind in Rome. Lucius and Bellona. They remark how Lyssa's eyes are pure violet, while theirs are only blue-violet. They tell her she is part of legend and will have to have herself killed, so that she can be reincarnated.
Lyssa doesn't buy this and eventually leaves again. She comes across young Lestat in France, and then travels on. She starts getting dark premonitions, that force her to heed Lucius and Bellona, whom she runs into again, in the 21st century. She finds a couple to pass her blood to, a pregnant woman. She drops her blood into her drink, after aiding the woman. She then has Lucius kill her.
Lyssa Roman is born, named after the young woman who had helped her mother long ago.
Born with violet eyes, she is unique to all who know her. Her parents die in a carwreck, and she has to go live with her aunt and uncle.
Working at her uncle's recording studio, she comes across Lestat. Soon after Akasha takes over, and causes all the humans to be her slaves, save a few who work for her.
Lyssa gets discovered by a young vampire named Alexsei. Her violet eyes attract him, and he brings her to the Queen's attention. Rebellious she refuses to comply with Akasha. And eventually Lestat feeds her vampiric blood, bringing her back to her Immortal state.
More powerful, she confronts Akasha, and then leaves. Vowing to return one day, and put an end to Akasha's reign.