The Dark Lake

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By Anthea Carson

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Anthea Carson
Anthea Carson is an author of a children's chess book "How to Play Chess like an Animal," and five novels and several short stories. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. She has worked as a chess coach and professional chess player. She is currently listed in  More...



Something is bothering Jane. Her little blue Chevette ended up at the bottom of the lake years ago...but now the police are dredging it up.

Jane just wants to move on with her life--staying sober, keeping a job, maybe getting her high school degree, finally. She might just make it. If only her mother would just encourage her. If only her therapist could stop making her face the past. 

If only her teenage druggie friends would stop showing up to tempt her back into the dark lake...

When I was a teenager my drunken friends sank their car through the ice. My friends ended up ok, but I created a story out of this incident, and a mystery about a car that went through the ice and was dragged up 20 years later.

The Dark Lake
Midwest Book Review

The Dark Lake is a novel of psychological suspense, inspired by a true event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the 1980's. The story follows a mentally disturbed woman, living with her parents and unable to fully provide for herself even though she is in her thirties. Her mind is trapped into endlessly reliving an echoing memory of a party that turned horrific when her car fell through ice in Lake Winnebago. As much as she tries to stay sober, hold down a steady job, and restart her life, the past keeps bubbling to the surface even as the local police dredge up her lost, water-wrecked car. Alternately harrowing and thoughtful, The Dark Lake dramatically mirrors the hidden depths of the human psyche. Highly recommended.

Willis M. Buhle

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