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Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Bertram Gibbs

Publisher : Christopher Matthews Publishing

ABOUT Bertram Gibbs

Bertram Gibbs
Bertram Gibbs (or ‘Bert’, if you prefer, or ‘Mr. Gibbs’, which he prefers), grew up in the Bronx, New York, with four constants running through his life: reading, writing, movies and sarcasm.  All of which play a distinct part in his stories.
Growing up in a semi-theatrical f More...


Someone is killing lawyers.  Not just lawyers, defense lawyers.  And not just defense lawyers, attorneys who represent drug dealers, rapists, pedophiles and murderers. 

While Detectives Desmond Fine and Frank Costa  try to piece together the evidence in order to find the killer, they  see the victims as bottom-feeders; attorneys who manipulate the law and allow the guilty to go free.

Then Detective Fine’s childhood friend, public defender, Eric Price, is murdered.

Now it’s personal and nothing will stand in Fine’s way to catch the killer.