Bodies of Karma

Bodies of Karma

ABOUT Author N.D. King

Author N.D. King
Author N.D. King is a freelance writer from Richmond,VA. Shortly after graduating from Varina High School in 2004, the author enrolled at University of Maryland University College to pursue an accounting degree. Signing up for her first creative writing course is what sparked her love for  More...


Graduate student Lacey Jones lives life by the rules. Being the "golden child" of her family brings out the worst in certain family members. When Lacey is faced with the ultimate betrayal, she sets out to conquer the greatest revenge possible. Will Lacey allow Karma to be the teacher, or will she continue until everyone involved pays the ultimate price?

Socialite Maya Jones is always the life of the party. Sexy, sassy, and full of life, Maya goes after a man that should be in the off limits zone. Going after her cousin's man proves to be a bigger challenge than she ever imagined. Maya's egotistical ways will take her to a place she could have never imagined. Maya's life will rest in the hands of the person she hurt the most.

When enemies come against these two cousins, will they set their differences aside, or will they allow their personal issues to destroy their family?