Delia's Three Wishes

Delia's Three Wishes

ABOUT Francesca John

francesca john
Francesca was born on the beautiful island of Grenada on June 18, 1975. she was the only girl of five siblings. Francesca spent most of her time completely engrossed in reading, that's when she developed a love of storytelling. Francesca love for storytelling grew more and more, so when sh More...



Delia's is a 16-year-old girlwho recalls the earlier memories of her childhood. Delia's memories began as early as her sixth birthday, when her mom gave her the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen.Her mom said it would grant her three wishes.
Later that year,an incident on the playground revealed that the necklace could grant wishes. That incident opened the door to a world of adventures,not only for Delia, but also for her friends and completely changed their lives in ways never imagined...