The Aftermath

ABOUT Yecheilyah Ysrayl

Yecheilyah Ysrayl
My name is Yecheilyah (e-see-lee-Yah) Ysrayl, also known as EC. I was born on the south side of Chicago IL, and discovered my love for writing at an early age. As a result I began writing early in life and soon developed a love for poetry. I attended Harper High School on Chicago’s south More...



In 2016, the financial system of the United States collapsed; shortly after that, so did the world. Finally, in 2019, a man of great esteem, Lord Feinberg and his prophet Antiochus introduced to mankind a new way of life. One that included a technology that could put an end to their misery and change the way we see the world. It held many promises, the end of poverty, sickness, and most of all it promised financial stability. However, not everyone was in favor of such a change and refused the technology. They're known as The Rebels; and when they didn't accept what the rest of the world had because it went against their beliefs, the people turned against them, and the war began.

Now it is 2055, and Doris is about to discover the truth about a world she's lived in for the past 14 years. A discovery that can mean the end of her life as she knows it.

This journey began four years ago, 2008. As I sat on the brink of a revolution of self, so did my writing. Yah (creator, father of heaven and earth) had already begun to open my eyes to the realities of the world that surrounded me, some of those things were surprising, while others were not. And while each revelation affected me in different ways, at the same time they affected me the same. My eyes were open, and no matter how hard I tried, no matter how tight my eyelids pulled against the skin next to it, nothing could shut them now. Yet this awakening produced a far greater struggle than the empty air soup of childhood poverty I was used to. This new struggle instead seemed to move past my physical needs, and overpowered my spiritual existence. No longer were my struggles my own, but now that my eyes were open, I had a duty to open the eyes of those who surrounded me. And since they had no idea they were closed, clearly their struggle surpassed mine. Simply put, I became a rich young woman, filled with the wealth of truth. Only question now was, how would my writing be affected? It was simple. The story would be about a group of people who, after the financial collapse, decides to control the world through the influence of Lord Feinberg, a mysterious man pulling the strings of every person and reaction of this society, but who speaks through his prophet Antiochus. The group of people would disguise this plan under the safety of wealth, hidden under the skin of microchips and billion dollar homes. Anything the people wanted they had, except the freedom to think on their own. And all of this would be revealed to a little girl who comes into the realization of the truth that surrounds her. In so doing she would face the many challenges that are associated with this journey in addition to those of adolescence; which was the beauty and fun of making her a 14 year old girl. In addition to much more serious events, such as running for her life and escaping laser gun shots, she also has boring History Classes and lovesick daydreams of being rescued by the teacher to worry about. Then there is her relationship with her mom which is strained; a familiar scene in the life of teenagers. They love you in childhood, hate you in adolescence, and then love you again in adulthood. There are also Doris friends: Angela, Paris, and Alex. So its a very moving, action packed, and silly read all at one time. As cliche as it sounds, it really does provoke one to seriously think outside the box, cry and laugh all in one interesting read. And there you have it, more than a story, this piece seems to take on a life of its own!

"I read your preview and It grabbed my attention, that I had to order the book. Can’t wait to read its entirety. Yah bless"-Anneyah Ysrayl