Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, General Fiction

By Karl Jones

Publisher : KSJ Publishing

ABOUT Karl Jones

Karl Jones
In the dark of the night and the still of the evening you'll find Karl Jones writing furiously to exercise his dark muse to the delight of his fans. Specializing in Crime and Horror thrillers, he refers to himself as a loner, haunted by the stories he pens and driven to push the boundarie More...



A killer on the loose, a village in terror. When he discovers the body of a murdered girl in an out of the way location, former detective turned thriller writer, Jason Denton, arouses the suspicions of Sergeant Underwood. After Jason is linked to a second murdered girl, and more girls go missing, the Sergeant vows to prove the author doesn't just write about murder, he commits it. Constable Donna Harp isn't as convinced of Jason's guilt as her superior, but is she being swayed by the author's looks and charm? Is Jason playing games with the police, like a character from one of his books, or is Donna right, and they should be looking elsewhere for the murderer? Contains graphic violence.