ABOUT Kim Savage

kim savage
At the age of forty, I’ve just entered into the world of publishing with my debut novel, Cried Out, a psychological thriller. I live a quiet life here in Florida. When I’m not writing, I can be found spending time with my husband and son, and the world’s most adorable Boston terrier, More...



Thirty-one-year-old teacher, Laura Thomas, flees the home she shares with her husband, Mark, in an attempt to find solace after the sudden loss of the couple’s infant daughter. The marriage has been strained; each grieving alone and each blaming the other, compounded by growing suspicion of townspeople and local authorities that baby Chloe’s death may not have been an accident.
Deep within the Ozark Mountains, an old campsite at the river’s edge is the sacred place where Laura intends to fulfill a promise and find relief from her anguish. But when she awakens nearly torn to shreds and chained to a madman’s bed, Laura is forced to choose between her desire for death and her will to survive.
Mark frantically races through the liquid darkness of night in search of Laura while the sophisticated serial killer, Les Walker, takes his time meticulously applying the finishing touches in preparation for Laura’s first exhibition.
She’ll give the performance of her life.