Alone in Paradise

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Patrick Stutzman

Publisher : Smashwords

ABOUT Patrick Stutzman

Patrick Stutzman
"I liked science fiction before it was cool."

The above statement is true with Patrick. He has always loved science fiction, being heavily influenced by Star Trek and Star Wars as a child. He read classic science fiction by authors such as Douglas Adams and Frank Herb More...




After the destruction of the mining station she called home for 6 years, Anna Foster crashes on the newly-discovered moon she called Paradise. With no way of calling for help, she struggles to survive in the untamed wilderness while trying to find a way back to human-controlled space.

While she adapts to the new environment, Anna stumbles across some of the moon’s hidden secrets and quickly discovers that she is not as alone as she originally believed.

Patrick Stutzman delivers yet another engaging and page-turning story with a fast-growing favourite of mine, Anna Foster. This is the sequel to Alone On The Edge, and starts almost immediately after the first book ends. Anna finds herself stranded on an Earth-like moon with nothing but the ship's computer for company, among other things. The story moved along at a fast pace and it had me curious to read 'just one more chapter...' I look forward to Mr. Stutzman's next tale with Anna. Keep it coming!