Run Hide The Monster Is Outside

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By Barbara Bloom

Publisher : smart scarlet

Run Hide The Monster Is Outside

ABOUT Barbara Bloom

Barbara Bloom
Barbara Bloom is a United States Navy Veteran and lives in Texas. Her two passions are smiling children and writing.



Willie is a proud Boy Scout but he is afraid of the dark. He sees a shadow through an open window.  Follow in Willie's footsteps as he solves the monster mystery. This story has a surprise ending that both boys and girls will enjoy.
K to 4th Grade
Second Reader
Paperback Large Print

This review is from a sweet little girl named Penelope.

Fran Lewis

Barbara Bloom's Two books: Penelope Mia's take on your books:
I loved Pixie Pie and I love all things that are pink. I love the way she asked her friend to spend the day with her and I love the clothes they wore. I hope you write more stori
es about Pixie and more of her friends.

I really loved the monster book so much that I asked my grandmother to read it to me five times. I got just a little afraid when I did not know what the monster was or if the boy would need to run and hide from it. But, I won't tell you what it was because it is a surprise at the end of this book. You have to read it for yourself like my Aunt Frani would say. The pictures in both books were really nice and I hope Barbara writes more books for me to read. Penelope Mia.

5.0 out of 5 stars My Personal Favorite September 19, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Last night at bedtime, we had an opportunity to read two new books by Barbara Bloom. First, we read Here Comes Pixie Pie: Her Special Day At The Rodeo Fair. We both instantly liked the cover which is pink and girly and has cowgirls on it. All things we happen to love.

After Pixie Pie it was time for Run Hide The Monster Is Outside: A Tale With A Twist. I have to say, while I really liked both, of the two this was my personal favorite. It was a cute story about being scared of the dark. Most importantly I think, it explained how often the things we think may be monsters, turn out to be completely harmless once we turn on the light and get a better look.

The story itself was written in rhyme and I liked how easily it rolled off of my tongue.It made for an easy read that flowed well and my daughter had fun following along with the colorful images that helped bring the story to life.

All in all, I'd say story time was very successful last night and I'm looking forward to a repeat!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Run Hide There's A monster Outside September 20, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Run Hide the Monster Is Outside: A Tale with a Twist

Barbara Bloom

Did you see the shadow that was three feet wide?
Trying to get me and I hope he does not come in side
Coming out only in the dark of night
Hoping to scare me and give me a good fright

Oh No! He screeches and does whine
Trying to get into my window and I am scared and not fine
Close the window hide behind the door
Find the trap door and hide under the floor

Where is my flashlight I am holding it real tight
I hope that the bulb stays on and I don't lose the light
Check out those green eyes and don't get too scared
I hope that I catch him because I am getting mad

Dear Mr. Monster I am counting to three
I can promise you that you will never find me
Don't cough, don't cry or even dare sneeze
This monster might find you and enter and not say please

But, how would he get the monster oh dear
Calling Uncle Dave took away from of his fear
So, just what is this monster can you do the wave
Open your eyes and try and be brave

Does he find out who the monster is and will he get caught
I cannot tell you that because you need to find out so don't be distraught
Once again author Barbara Bloom takes the reader inside the world of a little boy
Who just wants to have fun and not be frightened by an monster ruining his joy

Does he ever learn the truth behind the green eyes
Why did his sister tell him it was dead you should not tell lies
But, maybe she did not want him to be afraid you see
After all he's kind of little and not brave like you and me.

The pictures are great and the cover reveals nothing about the real monster but you never know. You can feel the excitement in each picture as the little boy races to find the monster his heart racing and much more. Once again author Barbara Bloom handles an issue that many parents and kids face when they see shadows at night and think they see a monster. Find out what happens when you learn the twist at the end.

Let's give this one : FIVE GREEN EYES!