Hollywood Under the Covers

General Fiction, Romance

By Brandie Knight

Publisher : Holley Martin Publishing, LLC

ABOUT Brandie Knight

Brandie Knight
Entertainment Bio
Brandie Knight is driven by creativity, passion, and adventure. Now, after twenty years in the entertainment industry, she is writing about her encounters in a fictional environment. Over the past 20 years, Knight has created and produced a television pilot, two radi More...



Author’s Warning: Do NOT read this novel if you are easily offended, related to the author, or under 18-years-old. By keeping the material as close to the truth as possible, the adult content is explicit and may be offensive to some people.

A powerful talent agent, the Mistress of Romance, an international superstar, a sexy movie star, and Hollywood’s biggest and best-kept secret breeds a scandalous world of betrayal.

Hollywood Under the Covers is a rare look inside the seductive entertainment industry. To the outside world, Hollywood is portrayed with glamour, riches and fame—but to insiders, it’s a cold, dark, scandalous place, where survival is not about basic instinct but the people you’re sleeping with. The book exposes the erotic side of four Hollywood moneymakers, openly revealing how nothing is safe in the hands of greed.

Hollywood Under the Covers is an intriguing world of sex, drugs, scandals, and the downside of fame. Loosely based on actual events, this fictional story takes the reader on a fast paced, head-spinning journey into a world so strange it could only be based in truth.

I am driven by creativity, passion, and a sense of adventure, and I spent twenty years in the entertainment industry. During that time, I documented the fascinating behavior of high profile people and celebrities in their natural habitats. I refer to it as research and living life’s adventures. I started writing about my experiences in my novel Hollywood Under the Covers. Fiction seems mild compared to what I have been exposed to, experienced, and witnessed.

“One of the best books that I have ever read! It’s brilliant! I couldn’t put it down," Kilo Bones, United Kingdom 

“It’s brilliant! Knight has her own style of writing and it’s addictive! A fantastic writer," Christina Bell, United Kingdom 

“I so-o-o-o loved it! Can’t wait for the sequel," Deborah Furtado-Thibault, Rhode Island

“This is a real page-turner in the vein of a Judith Krantz novel, which displays the author's insider entertainment knowledge,” JG, Chicklit

“I have never – NEVER – read a book that started the way Hollywood Under the Covers starts. My jaw was literally hanging open by the time I got to the end of the first page. And it’s not even a full page of print, so what does that tell you? I admit that I rarely finish a book in one sitting, but I did with this one! It instantly grabbed me by my ass and throat and didn’t let go. Much like the death-grip of Hollywood, actually. I think you’re my new hero. I LOVE HOLLYWOOD UNDER THE COVERS!!” Hilary, Hollywood Gossip

“One word sums it up, YOWZA!” Suzanne, Housewife in Hollywood