The Adventures of Scampy Churchmouse

Children's Books

By Ann Bell

Publisher : Katy Crossing Press

ABOUT Ann Bell

Ann Bell
Author of 11 Christian novels, 3 educational technology books, and 1 children's book.


Very early in life, chidren ask questions about god, Jesus, death, and heaven. Through the eyes of Scampy Churchmouse, readers learn about god's love, who Jesus is and why he died. They learn how god is a Father, a Son, and a Spirit all at the same time. Children will understand God's protective love for them as they read about God's protective love of Scampy's family
This concept that Ann has used in writing this charming book is genius!! How better to explain to younger children about the Holy Trinity. IT's difficult enough to understand, and then one can say, "well, just teach them faith." This is the best
way to do it. IT shows them, which is the best way. If you
have a grandchild or a young child that you would like to share this book with, please consider "The Adventures of
Scampy Churchmouse." I'm so jealous I didn't think of it
first, but then that's a typical writer's lament!  ~ Phyllis Moses