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Allow me to answer the two questions I hear most often:
For readers of Swept Up: No, I have never been kidnapped by an angry janitor while on a school field trip. But I have spent a lot of time wondering what would happen if I had been. In real life, I like school janitors and am not  More...



If you had a secret pet who was smart enough to write you messages, how far would you go to protect him?

This is the question 11-year-old Ruth Patterson faces every day.

To keep her secret, Ruth must take the blame for all the trouble he causes. To keep him safe, she’ll have to solve the mystery of a glowing rock, decipher a Hawaiian legend and unravel a string of lies – all before the lizard’s dangerous enemy catches up with them.

To all the young writers at allwritewithme.com - I hope this book inspires you as much as you inspire me. I invite everyone who discovers this book through other websites to visit allwritewithme.com. You’ll find great stories written by grade school kids. You’ll also find free writing guides built around the Common Core. Grade-specific guides fulfill the standards for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. I hope you enjoy this sample of No Ordinary Lizard!

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