The Blue Hour (The Churchill and Wade Mysteries)

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Stephen R Hulse

Publisher : Blue Hour Publishing

ABOUT Stephen R Hulse

Stephen R Hulse
Stephen R. Hulse was born (although some would unkindly maintain that actually he crawled up from the fiery depths of Hell itself) in 1959 in the city of Liverpool, England. Stephen is the Co-Creator and former contributor to the highly successful classic television website "Televisio More...



"The French call this time l'heure bleu – The Blue Hour. The time between dawn and sunrise when the sun is below the horizon, and the world is awash with a hazy blue shadowed hue that suspends us between the accepted divisions of light and dark. It should have been beautiful. For me, it was now only beautifully deadly..."

Alex Churchill stands before a retired Mafia Don wondering why he has faith in her skills of detection. Alcohol and bad attitude cost her her job as a cop.

At stake was the life of the Don’s kidnapped grandson – and her life if she does not find him.

To her rescue comes Gideon Wade, mysterious American Private Eye who always seems to be there in the hour of her greatest need. Together they embark on the search for the missing boy to uncover a much viler crime than a simple kidnapping.

I’ve always had a long standing love affair with classic noir “Private Eye” fiction in both print and film/TV. So following the publication of Shadowchaser, I was casting around for that all-important second book idea, and the idea of taking a classic noir approach to a modern day mystery with a slight supernatural undertone appealed to me. I also knew I wanted the story told in the First Person, by a strong, yet flawed, female lead – with the much more traditional male Private Eye, as the partner figure. My main inspiration and driving force that kept me going during the creation of the characters and story and the book’s actual writing period was my then fiancée, Jillian Kate Priestley. Who was then – and remains to this day – my Muse. In fact the central dynamic for the Alex Churchill/Gideon Wade relationship was based very much on my own relationship with Jill. (Of course, Jillian – unlike Alex Churchill, I hasten to add – is neither a recovering alcoholic, nor prone to viciously and repeatedly hitting people with brass Knuckle-dusters. Umbrellas, possibly – but never Knuckle-dusters. Without her faith, perceptive advice, and unstinting support, the book simply wouldn’t have been possible.

Gerry MaCollough - Best selling Kindle Author of Danger Danger and Belfast Girls

This is exactly the sort of book I love reading. The references to Philip Marlowe, etc, as the hero Gideon is introduced, are a key to my preferences. The mention of Chinatown (the movie) a few chapters later, seals the delight. The story is told from the point of view of Alex Churchill, the heroine, which is both original and fascinating. We are shown the hero - the Marlowe figure - from a female perspective for once - perfect! This story grips from the outset. And although Alex needs Gideon to come on the scene and rescue her from the gang of rapists she meets up with in the first chapter, she contributes her own skills to their defeat, once she has his help. As we move on into the plot, we are no longer focusing on forties style events. The plot is bang up to date. If you can deal with this, it's excellently told, with page turning, edge of the seat, gripping action, and an enormous, impressive skill in detail. On top of this is the beauty of the description. Gracie the squirrel is a wonderful touch. As is Madeleine, Alex's mother, and their relationship; and the angel wings which seem to sprout from Gideon's back at the appropriate times.
Get this book, read it, and then move on to Shadowchaser - Stephen Hulse is one of the great thriller writers of our times!