Shadowchaser (The Shadowchaser Chronicles)

General Fiction, Horror, Mystery & Thrillers

By Stephen R Hulse

Publisher : Blue Hour Publishing

ABOUT Stephen R Hulse

Stephen R Hulse
Stephen R. Hulse was born (although some would unkindly maintain that actually he crawled up from the fiery depths of Hell itself) in 1959 in the city of Liverpool, England. Stephen is the Co-Creator and former contributor to the highly successful classic television website "Televisio More...



All Martin Thorn wanted was a new job and a peaceful life. What he got was a nightmare.
Abducted by the servants of an evil demon who try to drown him, he is rescued by ‘the other side.’

Torn between Heaven and Hell, Good versus Evil, it falls to Martin to thwart the evil plans of Janus who wants to destroy the world for his own purposes.

This story of the supernatural is told with a wry sense of humour that goes a little way to lessen the horror yet maintain the credibility of the threat.

A real page turner told at a thundering pace.

Shadowchaser was my first novel, originally published in paperback, and now available only as an Amazon Kindle exclusive. The long promised - oft put off - sequel is coming soon...honest.

Electa Graham, Author

Mr. Hulse has written a beautifully crafted tale of good vs evil. I have read many books with this theme, hell vs heaven literal and figurative. What makes Shadowchaser such an enjoyable read is the poetic way the author describes each character and scene. The characters are vivid and three dimensional. Martin is flawed, but sympathetic. The antagonists are perhaps the most interesting and intense.
Clive Barker is one of my favourite horror novelists and Mr. Hulse has a lot in common with him. His worlds are so real to the reader that you don't question the fantastical or the mythical. Shadowchaser has the same feel. I enjoyed it immensely and intend to read his other book The Blue Hour. Give this author a read and you won't be disappointed.