Darkness in Mind


By Mandy Ward

Publisher : TP Literature, an Imprint of Teigr Intergalactic

ABOUT Mandy Ward

Mandy Ward
Mandy thought she was a Teacher, until Life pointed out to her that she is actually a writer. As her Cats, Kids and Partner approved, she decided to agree with Life. Currently she is working on a five book  Sword & Sorcery Novella Series and a Children's Book series collaboration wit More...



Everyone has a dark side to their personality. 

It's the voice in your head encouraging you to eat your partner's chocolate stash or play the CD you bought them before they get it. 

It's the side that appears when you get drunk and suggests stupid stunts to impress the ladies.

Delve into the Darkness of my mind, make sure that you bring a torch and spare batteries... teddy bears optional.

This is a collection of short stories that will take you from the heights of Valhalla to the depths of hell. From happy Anglo Saxon ghosts to oozing hungry blobs, there is something that will scare everyone here.

All the stories in this collection developed my horror / dark fantasy skills. Most of them have been published and I thought it was about time to get them in a book together!