General Fiction

By Scott D. Southard

Publisher : I Publish Press

ABOUT Scott D. Southard

Scott D. Southard
Much like Megan, Scott D. Southard grew up with a love of literature and the worlds of the imagination.  Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Scott studied writing at college, receiving his Master's in the subject from the University of Southern California. He is also the author of 3 D More...


Megan Wane is caught in a life of dull dreariness. She goes to work in a dead end job with a boss she can’t stand, and comes home to a silent apartment with only a standoffish cat for company. She can only get away through her imagination. And there, in her thoughts, there exists a fairy-tale kingdom with wizards and dragons. A place called Prosperity, where she is both a princess and a hero. On this day, both Megan’s external reality and her interior world will suffer tragedy that will turn her life upsidedown and shake her to the foundation. Can Megan turn disaster into deliverance?
"Much in the tradition of CS Lewis, Mr. Southard has created a true allegory on everyman. All the hidden fears we share, the masks we show others, and the hero or heroine in all of us that is waiting to burst out if we can only find the courage to believe in ourselves.

We can all see something of ourselves in Megan, and I believe she has something important to teach us. What that might be, I believe, is up to the individual reader to discover." - James McRay