Death Pact

General Fiction

By William Manchee

Publisher : Top Publications

ABOUT William Manchee

William Manchee
William Manchee is an attorney by trade and practices law in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet of some 41 years. Manchee discovered his passion for writing late in life at age forty-eight and has vowed to write a  More...


Richard Coleman, has made partner in his law firm in record time. Despite his success there is little joy in his life having recently lost his wife in a tragic car accident. It's been a year now and he's tried to adjust to the loneliness and emptiness in his life with little success. Then he meets Erica Fox, the seventeen year old daughter of a high roller, Franklin Fox. Mr. Fox is divorced and needs someone to be trustee over Erica's affairs should he die. After eliminating all potential candidates for the job, Rich ends up being recruited for the task. When Franklin dies, Rich assumes his duties but soon is drawn into an illicit affair. When they are discovered by a meddlesome aunt she threatens to blow the whistle on them and have Rich thrown in jail. When she is later found dead the two lovers are prime suspects. Eventually Erica is charged with the murder but Rich knows she didn't do it, and sets out to prove it. What he doesn't realize is how perilous the search for the truth will be. . . .

 grand read ...the best book that I have ever read so far. The romance was very fiery and passionate between Richard and Erica. You could almost feel the warmth radiate through the pages.---Pam Stone

Manchee. He's as proficient as Grisham.--Shannon Sutlief, Dallas Observer.

The author weaves his engaging plot through Swiss chalets, Caribbean marinas, Texas court rooms and captivating characters before twisting readers toward a curious conclusion. In this romantic mystery, Manchee's killer seems so certain. Then a sail from the Bahamas turns it upside down. But what a ride along the way. Terrific take on temptation and contemporary consequences in Texas. --The Book Reader