Some Are Sicker Than Others: An Addiction Recovery Thriller with Crime, Suspense, and Dark Humor

ABOUT Andrew Seaward

Andrew Seaward
I am the award-winning author of Some Are Sicker Than Others, a suspenseful revenge thriller with macabre humor set against the backdrop of a drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility. Though my background is in chemical engineering, my true passion in life is writing and acting. I have w More...



What would you do if everything you loved was suddenly taken away from you by the thoughtless actions of another person? Would you seek revenge? Would you wallow in self-pity? Or, would you summon the courage to forgive and move forward?

After his fiancé, Vicky, is killed in a hit-and-run car accident, Monty Miller, a recovering alcoholic with only a year of sobriety, embarks on a mission to punish the person responsible: HIMSELF.

In his warped thinking, Monty believes the accident would've never happened had he not suckered Vicky into a codependent relationship. So, with a kitchen full of liquor and a medicine cabinet full of anti-depressants, he begins to drink himself to death alone in his apartment.
But his family intervenes and has him committed to Sanctuary, a rehabilitation facility high in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There, he meets Dave Bell, a former all-American track star turned narcissistic crack addict, and the driver responsible for the death of Vicky.

Can Monty forgive Dave for his unspeakable atrocity and finally find the courage to forgive himself? Or, will he follow his addiction to its inevitable conclusion, using self-pity and blame as excuses to give up on life?

Based on the author's own personal experience with substance abuse and twelve-step programs, SOME ARE SICKER THAN OTHERS, transcends the clichés of the typical recovery story by exploring the insidiousness of addiction and the thin, blurred line between true love and co-dependency.

With the harsh realism of Hubert Selby Jr. and the dark, confrontational humor of Chuck Palahniuk, Mr. Seaward takes the reader deep inside the psyche of the addict and portrays, in very explicit details, the psychological and physiological effects of withdrawal and the various stages of recovery.

As Grady Harp of POETS & ARTISTS magazine put it: “What sets Andrew’s novel apart from other recovery stories is his deep understanding of the physiochemical aspects of substance abuse/addiction. He offers deeper insights and relates more factual information about the disease of addiction than any other writer to date.”

I used to think I was a pretty sick person. One only had to look at my obscene alcohol consumption before drawing the same conclusion. Then my parents sent me to a rehabilitation facility in Anaheim, CA. There, I learned a universal truth about addicts and alcoholics: Though we may all be sick...Some Are Sicker Than Others.

“Gritty, compelling, and astonishingly moving, Some Are Sicker Than Others, achieves that rarest of qualities: It makes us understand the reason for the insanity.” –Art Lancaster

“The hopelessness is palpable. Some Are Sicker Than Others could’ve only been written by someone who has experienced, first hand, the crippling effects of addiction.”  –John Dempsey 

“Dark, Gritty, Compelling…a harrowingly emotional experience that rings true to the very last word.” –Doug Kurtz, acclaimed author of  

“Seaward not only weaves an exceptionally well-constructed story with wholly credible characters, he offers deeper insights and relates more factual information about the disease of addiction than any other writer to date.” –Grady Harp, POETS & ARTISTS Magazine

“This book will lead you on a serious rollercoaster ride of emotions. Mr. Seaward discusses in very explicit details the mental, psychological, and physical effects of withdrawal and the various stages of recovery. It is a very difficult book to read, but only because it is so honest and direct and confrontational. It forces the reader to view and accept the world of addiction and recovery.” –Ashley LaMar of Closed the Cover Book Reviews