General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Ron Morgans


ABOUT Ron Morgans

Ron Morgans
Journalist and author of the Fox & Farraday Mystery series


Paparazzo HENRIETTA FOX can’t keep out of trouble. The flame-haired camera girl in biker’s leathers, with an Irish temper, pictures The Madonna, star of the Hollywood blockbuster VIRGIN MARY making love on the back seat of a stretch limo. The movie is hot property and Henri wants to auction her scandalous picture around the globe.

The duo expose the ‘chaste’ star’s secret past, a trail that will lead them from Madrid to the dangerous Boyaca Emerald Valley in Colombia. The movie star, with a yen for cocaine and public sexual exhibitionism, has another life. 

She is one of three daughters of a ruthless emerald mine owner who takes what he wants with a gun. He pays the left wing guerrilla FARC for protection. But the U.S. President has sent an American black operations team to kill him. On this deadly assignment Henrietta and Cass will have to survive them both.

The Emerald Killers is simply amazing, murder mixed with mystery, intrigue and the spine-chill factor – it’s pure gold.”

Darryn Lyons – Mr Paparazzi.