Bargain Bride, Billionaire Groom

General Fiction, Humor, Romance

By Lelani Black

Publisher : Littlemoon Press

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Lelani Black
Author of sizzling erotic island romance. Boss With Benefits in e-book, Kindle and a #1 Bestseller on Amazon's Erotica Audible book list! New summer releases--Going Greek and Private Dancer--out now! Get your sexy on...


Their marriage-of-convenience just got complicated. They've fallen in love--with each other!
Jiovanni Falcone

Every woman he's ever loved has let him down. Jio stands to lose again. He can't give his in-name only wife what she wants the most, and while he longs to share his bed with Golden, his heart belongs to no one.

Golden Falcone

Raising a toddler and running an organic farm hasn't been a cakewalk for the young Maui coffee grower.

For two and a half years she's grieved the loss of the one man she adored, Enzo, the man who fathered her baby. After his tragic death, a pregnant Golden agrees to a marriage-of-convenience with Enzo's enigmatic brother, Jiovanni, as a means to protect her baby's inheritance from Enzo's greedy exes.

It's time she thinks about dating again. Trouble is, she's still married!

One moonlit night spent in Jio's arms opens her eyes to what she's been missing. Oh my, my... One taste of his loving, and there's no turning back. Now she can't help falling in love...with her own husband!

As desire fuels their attraction, his secrets will tear them apart. 

Who doesn't love a hot cup of fragrant coffee? Coffee is a drink of life that warms you, wakens you, sobers and comforts you. My love of organic gardening and a passion for Hawaiian coffee led me to write this evocative and sensual story. Coffee is grown commercially in the islands of Hawaii, among the major growers--Maui, The Big Island (Kona region) and Kauai. I grew up a-sippin' on Kona coffee. Yes, started drinking the stuff when I was 11 years old! I would love to grow my own orchard of coffee (and macadamia nut) trees on my acre of island property someday. Since all of my books are seeded with some experience or knowledge of something I enjoy (ahem, all of my books deal with passionate, sexy relationships) I imagined a heroine who lived on an organic farm that grew vegetables and gourmet coffee on the island of Maui. Golden Falcone's property supplies estate coffee and fresh vegetables to local restaurants, and that's how she meets, and falls in love, with not one, but two incredibly sexy men--two brothers--one a millionaire, and the other a billionaire. When the father of her baby tragically dies, leaving Golden unwed and pregnant, she agrees to a marriage-of-convenience with Jiovanni Falcone to protect her baby's inheritance from his brother's greedy exes. She doesn't bargain on falling in love...with her own husband! Can she convince her billionaire groom to take a chance on his bargain bride?

Reviewed by K. Meader

Bargain Bride and Billionaire Groom delivered a two hour break from reality as page after page the story came alive that will leave the reader delighting in the feel-good feelings, lifted spirits, and with abounding hope that only a well thought out romance story could bring to a reader.

Forgotten were the daily responsibilities as the story brought an entertaining range of emotions: dismayed, charmed, enchanted, discouraged, hopeful, frightful, arousal, relieved and contentment.

From the beginning, the story captured its essences in Maui, the mystery in the visit, the complications of greedy people in life and the yearnings of a woman and a man. The story didn't slow down at all as it traveled to Colorado and the Maui born and raised girl got a taste of the Colorado snow...and the iciness of jealousy.

What started out as a marriage of convenience quickly turned to sensuality and love; however, all was not golden in paradise as business and one major event occurred that could destroy their lives together...forever...

Lelani Black is the author of four books, all with high star reviews.