Resurrection Sticks

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Gay & Lesbian

By Kelli Jae Baeli

Publisher : Lesbian Literati Press

ABOUT Kelli Jae Baeli

Kelli Jae Baeli
Kelli Jae Baeli began writing as a child, exploring poetry and journaling, and eventually moving on to short stories. After a romantic fling in the military with another female soldier, she decided to write a book based on the experience. The story that evolved took on a life of it's own,  More...



It's hard enough building a life on a new planet, but when you're faced with dissension in your own tribe, you have to decide and decide quickly just how far you're prepared to go.


Sivon is half Bandonese, half human. Her mother was one of ten female survivors when their craft crashed on a farm in rural Colorado. Now she is running from one of her own people, risking everything for love and the things she believes in.


Mozzik, the self-appointed leader of the Bandosapiens, has his own agenda, and Sivon has just crossed the line. He's out to find her, to eliminate the risk she's flirting with and to assert his control once more over the whole tribe.


But sometimes power is about more than control. Doing the right thing can be the most powerful thing in the Sivon is about to find out.


If Mozzik doesn't kill her first.

I have always had a long list of book projects waiting for my attention–some are on hold because I got stuck on them, some on hold because i haven’t found the right frame of mind, and some, because another project popped up that struck my fancy. Resurrection Sticks, was one of those Writerous Interruptus species, and it only took me a week to write this novella. It took on a life of its own and I just let it lead me. I had been looking through files of notes on ideas, and came across a dream I had about what I could only call “resurrection sticks.” I thought maybe I could get a short story out of it. Many of my ideas come from dreams–when i can remember them, that is… So, I decided to try to write a story about these sticks…Once I got started, though, it became a bigger project and so I just willingly let it take me where it wanted to go. I love it when that happens.