Dr. Mumbo Jumbo & Time!

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Dr. Mumbo Jumbo

Publisher : Fast Forward Entertainment, Inc.

ABOUT Dr. Mumbo Jumbo

Dr. Mumbo Jumbo
“Be One, The Waymaker” (Byron Lenair Baker), works as an independent business consultant, musician and writer. His livelihood and passions all revolve around storytelling. He takes pride in being one of the voices for wood brown indigenous Amerindians, whose stories are too often misre More...


Dr. Mumbo Jumbo finds himself lying helpless by the side of a road less traveled severely injured and all alone. He’s been beaten down by the weight of his heavy burdens.  In spite of all he’s done and has left to do, his broken heart and weary mind have convinced him that he can’t go on.  But instead of transitioning to the next life as he expects, he surprisingly moves into a much deeper understanding of this current life by surviving an encounter with the Face of Time! 

Thank you for checking out Dr. Mumbo Jumbo & Time! I know how valuable your time is. This story is designed to inspire big “what if” discussions with your family and friends. I hope you have fun sharing it. There are many stories behind this story but I’ve decided to tell you how I officially became the worlds’ first self-proclaimed, self-credentialed doctor of mumbo jumbo-ology. Three years ago my sister and I flew out to L.A. to spend Christmas with my brother. Like many creative people I have an overflow of great ideas and an under flow of the money required to bring the ideas to market. However, I wasn’t just a dreamer, I also knew how to focus and finish a project. I had just completed a manuscript called “How to Date Your Dream Guy – While Being the Girl of Your Dreams!” I’m big into fiction and I never imagined myself writing a self-help book. But one summer some of my best “sister/friends” started asking me for the same romantic advice about their guys. Since each of these women had helped to save my life and sanity at some point in the past, the book became my best attempt to help them like they’d helped me. I talked with some publishers after the manuscript was finished. The male publishers I talked to didn’t think I had the credentials or the celebrity to make the book a worthwhile investment. After all, I wasn’t Dr. Phil or Steve Harvey was I? However the female publishers thought the material was spot on and that women would love it! They recommended that I self-publish. They were certain the book would do well in the well-established dating advice for women market. It was another great example of something I created but didn’t have the money to produce & market. Anyway on one of my morning meditation walks in sunny southern California, I decided to stop focusing on what I didn’t have enough of and started focus on what I had in abundance. Well the only thing I had an inexhaustible supply of was mumbo jumbo. And the rest as they say is “his-story” or in this case “my story!” The mumbo jumbo platform instantly made everything click inside my head. I could see how all of my ideas nicely fit into some kind of mumbo jumbo. And that’s the story of how I became Dr. Mumbo Jumbo with the mission to help heal people’s broken mumbo jumbo detectors and generators. If people liked Dr. Phil or Steve Harvey’s mumbo jumbo could go to them. If people liked my mumbo jumbo they could come to me. How “Dr. Mumbo Jumbo & Time!” came to be the first story I published is a story for another day. For now let’s just say that once I became Dr. Mumbo Jumbo it was obvious that I was really good at finding excuses to waste a lot of time! And that’s why “Dr. Mumbo Jumbo & Time!” is the first story in the series. Peace, Dr. Mumbo Jumbo

"Dr. Mumbo Jumbo's Little Stories for Big Kids impregnates the mind with knowledge.  These colorful and vivid tales are delightful, sensational and thought provoking.  Byron Lenair writes good stuff!"  --Charles H. Hinton (writer, director and filmmaker)