Amelia Frump & Her Peanut Butter Loving, Overactive Imagination is Cooking Up a Peanut Butter Storm

Children's Books, Middle Grade, Cooking, Food & Wine

By Deborah Roppolo

Publisher : DWB Children's Line

Amelia Frump & Her Peanut Butter Loving, Overactive Imagination is Cooking Up a Peanut Butter Storm

ABOUT Deborah Roppolo

Deborah Roppolo
Debbie Roppolo grew up in the Blackland Prairie region of Texas, where miles of grassland and her horse were her best friends. She is the author of Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Loving Imagination, and Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Loving Imagination is Cooking Up a Peanut Butte More...


Our favorite peanut butter loving girl is at it again! This time she's written a cookbook chocked full of recipes using... what else? Peanut butter, of course! Amelia also included some fun things to do, like puzzles and mazes, and some fun facts about peanut butter. With this cookbook, every kid will be in the kitchen cooking up some peanut butter fun for the whole family!

My mother and both grandmothers had a passion for cooking. During my childhood, I spent countless hours in their kitchens, watching wide-eyed as they took the simplest of ingredients and turned them into masterpieces—and it all tasted as good as it looked. A lot of the time, many of their recipes used peanut butter. It was cheap, readily available, my favorite, and often added a sweetness that enabled them to cut back on the sugars in many of the recipes. At the time, none of us were aware of peanut butter’s health benefits. Peanut butter is a monounsaturated fat, high in fiber, and contains minerals, nutrients, and it’s a protein. I appreciate this information now, but as a child, it wouldn’t have mattered to me. The only thing I cared about was that I was with the women I loved the most. We made memories in those cozy kitchens—with them cooking and sharing their childhood memories. I watched, sometimes working on puzzles, but always listening. They embedded their passion in me, and it’s their love of cooking I pass on to my children. This book contains peanut butter themed recipes that are tasty and simple to prepare, along with some puzzles and games that will entertain and challenge your child’s imagi- nation. The idea behind these recipes is for families to prepare them together, creating as many wonderful memories as I have had.