A Method Truly Sublime

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Randall Farmer

Publisher : MajorTransform Unlimited

ABOUT Randall Farmer

Randall Farmer
I am Randall Allen Farmer.  I am an author, science nerd, an amateur photographer, a father, and a pencil and paper game designer and gamemaster.  My formal education was in geology and geophysics, and back in the day I worked in the oil industry tweaking software associated with fin More...


Book Four of "The Commander"

Carol Hancock is a victim of Transform Sickness, a Major Transform known as an Arm.  A secretive Major Transform, Wandering Shade, betrayed Carol to the authorities after Carol defeated his Hunters, leading to her capture and incarceration.  Alone, in captivity, Carol attempts to regain her health, maintain her sanity, and find a way to escape.

Carol’s capture becomes a cause célèbre among the Transform community, few of whom have ever before cooperated with the authorities.  Some will attempt to help Carol, others will try to recruit her to serve them, while yet others will further betray her.  Events will thrust together Carol’s closest allies, the Major Transform Crows Gilgamesh and Sky, the Arm Stacy Keaton, the Focus Lorraine Rizzari, and the researcher Henry Zielinski, in an attempt to save Carol.

Book Four of "The Commander"