Nimrod Rising

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Steven Clark Bradley

Author Steven Clark Bradley has been to or lived in 34 countries, including Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. He has a master’s degree in liberal studies from Indiana University. He speaks French and Turkish. He has been an assistant to a prosec More...



Have you ever felt that the world was guided in ways that are beyond man’s control? The constant changes in the world since the time of Nimrod 4000 years ago until today and all the events that have shaken the world have been to bring the universe back into the hands of the Prince of Darkness, Lucia, a world that he had ruled with his Watchers before it was all ripped from his grasp when man was created. Nimrod Rising paints a diabolical picture of how the Prince of Darkness executes his evil plot to take the world back by force and destroy civilization in the process. From the Great Builder Nimrod in 4000 BC to today, 666 generations later, you can ride the storm of Nimrod Rising and experience the death of a world and the birth pangs of another. You will swear it is really upon us!
March 12, 2008: Attention, all you conspiracy theorists and doomsday dreamers, all you with visions of the apocalypse and feel the end of the world is at hand. Relax. According to Steven Clark Bradley, it?s much worse than you think. In his novel, Nimrod Rising!, Bradley introduces us to Nimrod, the son of Cush, the son of Noah, who was born around 4,000 BC. Nimrod was born the savior of Lucifer and his evil subjects, and led and ill-fated rebellion against Elyon (God), in an effort to secure our world for the Fallen One. Through death and rebirth, Nimrod reappears in various human incarnations 666 times throughout history. In Bradley?s story, the Antichrist is now in the world, and a sinister demon possesses the US Vice-president Manassa Dormain, whose son was conceived under mysterious and unexplainable circumstances. One thing is for certain, the spirit of Nimrod has risen again in the boy, and the apocalyptic fight between the forces of heaven and hell is ready to begin anew. The book continues with father helping son in preparation to play his role in the fight for world power, for better or worse.

The battle lines are drawn and the readers is left guessing who is on which side until the very end. Full of complex machinations and apocalyptic visions of a possible future, Nimrod Rising! is a thought provoking work of epic proportions. Steven Bradley has shown us a different, and quite frankly, a frightening way to look at world events. His characters show a depth and complexity that bring them to life in our world, and show an eerie similarity to many of today?s world leaders. Reading the newspaper will never be the same again -Reviewed by Ronald W. Adams, author 'Lake Effect', 'Key Lime Squeeze'