Thomas Granger

General Fiction, Humor

By Dan Marvin

Publisher : Marvcorp Publishing

ABOUT Dan Marvin

Dan Marvin
I'm an author by night, engineer by day.  I've been writing for 30 years which makes me sound really old, I know.  But collecting 102 stories for "Briefs for the Reading Room" takes time!  It was worth it though, I know you'll enjoy the finished product almost as much as I enj More...



Rusty Rogers is just beginning his collegiate journey at Fabian University when his path crosses that of Thomas Granger.  Together they pledge a fraternity, find love... and get accused of murder!  Can Rusty find the real killer and keep his grades up? 

This book is roughly based on my college experience at Alfred University. Anyone who attended college in the 1980's and pledged a fraternity or sorority will recognize many of the rituals, characters, and situations.