Dan Marvin's Change of Briefs

General Fiction, Humor, Mystery & Thrillers

By Dan Marvin

Publisher : Marvcorp Publishing

ABOUT Dan Marvin

Dan Marvin
I'm an author by night, engineer by day.  I've been writing for 30 years which makes me sound really old, I know.  But collecting 102 stories for "Briefs for the Reading Room" takes time!  It was worth it though, I know you'll enjoy the finished product almost as much as I enj More...



"Dan Marvin's Change of Briefs" is an ambitious collection of 108 flash ficton tales and the second in the Briefs for the Reading Room series. If you're a flash fiction fan, this is a must-have collection from one of the premier writers in this genre today. If you're simply someone who likes your prose concise and can only spare a few minutes at a time to pick up a book, this is a must-have book for you as well. If you're someone that knows someone that spends quality time in the reading room on a regular basis and is hard to buy presents for, man have you come to the right place! So what will you find in this book? Here is an excerpt from SuperStuffed, a story about a toy rebellion: "Tonight was the night! Everything was perfectly in place. Fire Engine Roy rolled out of his parking spot next to a dusty tissue and slowly extended his ladder, making sure to keep his siren from blaring at an inopportune time. It really wasn’t much of a concern as his batteries were already nearly dead. Two Christmases ago he had been the cause of much excitement, now he was an afterthought, soon to be donated to Goodwill." What won't you find? Most flash fiction tends to take itself too seriously with excessive gore, bad language, and violence. Not here! These stories manage to arrive at satisfying conclusions, typically with gentle humor and an ending you didn't see coming. They are the result of hundreds of hours of writing, feedback, refining, and editing. Many of these stories have won contests or been published by online e-zines and magazines. I am confident that you will enjoy them again and again. Thank you for considering "Dan Marvin's Change of Briefs" and I hope you will purchase my book.

Change of Briefs picks up where Briefs for the Reading Room left off... namely on the back of your commode. Many of these stories have been contest winners or appeared in e-zines or magazines.