Soo Thankful: A Book of Thankfulness

ABOUT Paul Schlarman

Paul Schlarman
Paul Schlarman was born in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1967 and has since become a writer, illustrator, and incurable traveler. Always believing life should be fun, he enjoys creating stories that stir imagination and possibility in the mind and heart of the reader. Co-author of Soo Thankfu More...


Join the fun characters in this colorfully illustrated book as they share their enthusiasm and thankfulness for a few of the simple joys of life in this anthology of appreciation and awareness.  Instilling the idea of gratefulness in children can be challenging.  The short poems and vibrant illustrations in Soo Thankful: A Book of Thankfulness hopefully encourage the readers (kids and parents) to consider the positive aspects of their life and be more present in everyday moments.  This eBook is available for Kindle and Apple iBooks.  It is currently available in English and Brazilian Portuguese (entitled Obrigadoo: O Livro do Agradecimento) with Spanish and other translations coming soon. 

We created this book to help parents and children be more mindful of all the things to be thankful for in life. We realized we needed to be reminded of this often and wanted to share that message.

"Soo Thankful is a lovely story and perfect to share to brighten up any rainy day. The colours are 'soo' vibrant and bright which really complements the key messages. Reading this with Finn & Poppy was great as it was just the right pace to discuss the scenes and enjoy the illustrations. The book gave a prefect opportunity to engage with my two little ones, and it was perfect for bedtime."  - Andy #fourlittletesters