The Way Of Vengeance

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By William Spencer

Publisher : William Spencer

ABOUT William Spencer

William Spencer
WILLIAM SPENCER is a qualified freelance Wordsmith and Marketing Copywriter based in the North of England. He has been a full member of the Institute of Copywriting since 2006 and was employed by an Oxford based publishing house, for a period of five years during the early nineties.



When the wife of a Partisan is murdered, The Way Of Vengeance begins, as one man defies a nation and strikes deep into the heart of the Soviet terror machine...


In the midst of famine during a forgotten Soviet Genocide, DANYA KOMYSA is a proud Cossack Partisan, forced to witness the murder of his wife during a Soviet Purge.

Despite his heroic defiance, against the notorious and powerful General Vratek, his lone crusade for retribution seems hopeless. Now as Danya wrestles with his destiny he encounters a powerful resistance group and takes on a deadly challenge.


He must chaperone NATALKA ZAKHAROV, Russia's most wanted fugitive, to Kharkiv City as she flees from the same Chekist General who murdered his wife. As the Secret Police pursue the pair across the nation, Danya and his Chekist adversary are drawn ever closer together. Relentless conflict and  incarceration soon follow as the chase builds to a dramatic climax in Kharkiv City.


Finally, Danya settles an astonishing score from the past, delivering a fatal blow deep into the heart of the Soviet terror machine.


Set against a backdrop of real historical events THE WAY OF VENGEANCE is an unforgettable journey of passion, courage and survival.

The driving force behind my work as a fiction author is to give a voice to the disenfranchised and dispossessed people groups of history. My debut novel THE WAY OF VENGEANCE was inspired by my late mother-in-law, Ewa Klym, who was a childhood survivor of the Soviet Terror Famine and Purges of the1930’s. My writing explores the theme of intimacy, and upholds the dignity of the human condition: in the face of dilemma and in the face of love, the most intimate thoughts and feelings of the battle weary protagonist, and other main characters are explored in great detail. In my debut novel, I has striven to produce a noble and dignified work which will have a profound and lasting influence upon the reader. The Way of Vengeance stands as an aide memoire; a relic of history, born out of two thousand hours of research and writing.

* * * * *
A historically based novel that is truly moving. Shocking, exciting, tragic and romantic this gripping and endearing story of one families fight for survival in eastern Europe during the famines of the 1930’s will have you hooked, and rooting for the characters as they battle against state oppression and government control. A well executed and balanced novel that has something for everyone. A Rose, Age 25

* * * * *
As a rule I don’t read novels, but I read The Way of Vengeance - four times!
It’s a fascinating story, woven around historical events very few people know about, including myself. I enjoyed the variety of emotions I experienced as a result of the realistic characters and varied plot: it was quite disturbing in places, but it also made me laugh.
Every character is very individual and I particularly liked ‘Little Luba’ with her cheeky, yet discerning view on life. I also loved the dialogue as it is upbeat, but very charming at the same time, which suits the backdrop of this novel. Also the author paints a very vivid picture of the landscape which stayed with me afterwards.
After reading this imaginative yet plausible novel, I would definitely read another by this author, it’s well worth £1.49!
A Parker, Age 50