GOLD FEVER (The Apple Grove Gang #2)

GOLD FEVER (The Apple Grove Gang #2)

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Hamilton C. Burger
Always a reader, I inhaled books during my days of extensive world travel. Before the Nook and Kindle, even before laptops became the norm, I would pack six or eight paperbacks for an extended trip. I had never, ever considered writing until I contacted an author about a fabulous book of More...



It’s the dog days of summer and Benny Churchill and Bug Beetle are back and still running! The Apple Grove Gang has caught gold fever, and they find that it’s too hard to 'bear'. When they try locate the cure, things don't go as expected and not everything pans out. Only an earth shaking experience will lead them to the depths necessary to cure GOLD FEVER.
Well, I'm not a little kid anymore but I read it together with my niece a bit and she loved the story,
It's about a group of kids (the apple grove gang) who have nice adventures together, turns out this is their second story.
maybe read the first on first and then this one?
While my niece liked the story and the persons I did had to explain some words to here, maybe it's a good idea to make sure your kid can ask you questions about the more difficult words in advance.
Best part about it? It made me remember the books about the famous five that I used to read as a kid.
Recommended if you have a young kid who loves to read stories.