The Pelman Murders

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Gordon Kuhn

Publisher : Alpaca Junction, Inc.

ABOUT Gordon Kuhn

Gordon Kuhn
I'm a bit of an enigma, I suppose. I am a U.S. Marine (no longer in uniform).  I am a disabled Vietnam Vet.  I have worked as a janitor a hospital orderly, pulled chain on a survey crew, oiled on draglines, dug ditches, poured concrete for sea walls, sold cemetary lots, sold insurance, s More...



A fast moving but complex murder mystery. It has twelve murders and ten suspects. The Pelman family and their friends are a dysfunctional group with confusion over identities along with a bit of insanity tossed in. It has 366 pages with suggested questions for book clubs.

This is the story about a family and a group of acquaintances whose lives are entwined in jealousy, murder, incest, fraud, and insanity. Mayleen Pelman has two sons. The question arises as to who the father of each is. Mayleen murders a woman who has twins because the woman is having a relationship with a man who Mayleen is in love with. One of the twins is later murdered as is the man Mayleen loves. Along with that murder, Mayleen's first husband is killed in a barroom fight, then her boyfriend is killed, next her prostitute sister, and others fall along the way. It is a complex story, fast paced, with twelve murders and ten suspects.