The Babysitter

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror

By Sam Gregory

Publisher : S.K.Gregory

The Babysitter

ABOUT Sam Gregory

Sam Gregory
I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen. I recently had my novel daemon persuasion published by mockingbird lane press. I love horror and fantasy novels.


Kara Munroe takes a job babysitting at the Coopers, as a way to make some quick cash. The job soon turns into a night of terror and one she may not survive.

I tried to create a twist on the typical babysitter horror.

This is written around Kara who has fallen out with her friends so her mother finds her a babysitting job to get her out of the house. However this is no ordinary family. On arriving at the Coopers home Kara realises that their elder son Damon is in the house also and he attends the same school as her. 6 year old Lucas is who she is babysitting but she is in for a surprise. The real reason she was given the job was because the Cooper parents are demons and tonight is the night that Damon must kill someone to become a demon himself. Dont want to spoil it by saying anything else. I highly recommend this book.