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By Really Rashida

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Really Rashida
ReallyRashida is an urban fiction author and blogger from Cleveland, Ohio. She inherited her love of books from her mother and knew from a very young age that writing would always be a special part of her life.. By the age of three Rashida was reading, and she wrote her first book in t More...



Love is a hell of a drug and Tracey is a full-blown addict. Just when she thought she was over the lies, abuse, and betrayal from her boyfriend, Andre, she had fallen right back into his trap. What started out as a romantic reunion between the estranged lovers ended in kidnapping and over twelve hours of torture for Tracey. When she was finally set free she ran to the person who always bails her out when she gets knee deep in drama: her best friend and mentor, Sandra. Hearing how Andre violated Tracey again told her that it was time to introduce an unorthodox way to stop Andre permanently. Tracey was going to kill him and Sandra would teach her how. The plan was done and the scene was set perfectly. All Tracey had to do was slip some poison in Andre's drink. Unfortunately, the murder goes terribly wrong and he escapes. Now Tracey has to find him and finish the job before it's too late.