The Cold Dark Highway

ABOUT Kjelden Cundiff

Kjelden Cundiff
Kjelden Cundiff was born in the small city of Sioux Falls, SD.  He lived there until moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1992.  He studied under Robert Cawley at the College of Southern Nevada while honing his voice as a writer and placed his first screenplay, "Jensen's Hardware&quo More...



Something strange is happening on the isolated roads of South Dakota, women are vanishing.  Are they the victims of winter storms or a more sinister force?


Cedar Springs is a sleepy Midwestern town where everybody knows everyone else.  Helping a person whose car is stranded on a rural highway is not just a courtesy, its expected.


Sheriff Dodson has patrolled the cold dark highways of Lincoln County for more than two decades.  Bar fights and burglaries are the most serious crimes he normally investigates, but all of that changes on one frigid winter day. 


T-bird is a local who lives in the area under the cover of anonymity.  Hunger pangs for T-bird means heartache is about to beset another family. 


As the days grow shorter and the temperatures fall Sheriff Dodson is soon plunged into the most important case of his life.  Will he rip the mask off of an evil predator that has been quietly haunting the rural roads of South Dakota or will a killer continue to prey on the kindness of strangers?   As summer is quickly ushered out by the frigid air of autumn a new weather warning is issued; traveler’s beware, another deadly snowstorm is on the radar.

This book is the product of an overactive imagination and hours of driving through remote countryside knowing that you are miles from help.