Road Salt (Wings from Ashes, 2)

Young Adult, General Fiction

By Linda Nelson

Publisher : Kindle Direct Publishing

ABOUT Linda Nelson

Linda Nelson
Linda Nelson published her first YA romance in 2013. She is a self-published author who began her writing career in 2010 as just a Fantasy & YA Writer. Now it is all about the romance, a huge career change that took place in the past couple of years when she discovered RWA. Fantasy is  More...


There is nothing wrong with getting high, or so Carol and Karla felt until they saw Rod high on Bath Salts.
Carol makes up with Karla to ease her guilt about what happened to Karla at the party. There are two new boys in town that happen to be free for the taking and Karla and Carol are just the ones to find them. When Karla's mom flips out at Karla afterschool and calls the police on her, she has had enough. She and her new found friends decide to take a little road trip. All goes well until Carol's new boyfriend starts using a new drug sold over the counter called Bath Salts creating a disastrous event for all.

Linda was watching the news last summer when she saw her son's counselor speaking about the dangers of a designer drug that was hitting our streets. She wanted everyone to know how dangerous Bath Salts was. This incident gave Linda the idea to write Road Salt. While this book is completely fictional, the main idea of the teens taking the road trip south was sparked by an incident that happened in her daugter's life several years ago. Giving the reason why her daughter said, "Good book, but bad memories."