Maggy's Waggy Tail

Children's Books, Humor, Middle Grade

By Colleen Cutayne

Publisher : Blue Moose Publishing

ABOUT Colleen Cutayne

Colleen Cutayne
I live in Port Coquitlam, BC with my husband of 4 years. I have been writing for children for the past 8 years. UBC writing centre, SCBWI and my children's writers list serve have been very instrumental in my pursuit of excellent writing for children. Because of the Moon is my first full l More...



What do you do when a puppy knocks on your door and your heart?
You let her in, of course.
And life for the Taylor family hasn’t been the same since.
Follow Maggy and her tail as she finds trouble at every wag. From the park, to school, and even a wedding, Maggy’s tail causes mischief and mayhem.
Mr. Taylor wants Maggy gone but when her first owner claims her for his puppy mill will Mr. Taylor change his mind?
Each chapter stands alone as a story but also combines to tell the tale of how Maggy and the Taylor’s become a family.

These are a collection of stories about our family dog named Maggie. Her tail got her into all kinds of trouble but we loved her anyway.