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Rebecca King
Currently residing in Leicestershire, England with her children and menagerie of pets. Rebecca works as a full-time author writing historical romance novels. Her new series, The Cavendish Mysteries is now available on all e-book readers and in paperback through all good bookshops. Ti More...


The Cavendish Mysteries - Book Two

Sebastian Cavendish has little choice.  He could either be pushed from the speeding carriage, or he could jump.  Either way, he fully expected to die.  What he hadn't anticipated, was being caught by his very own Cinders.
Intrigued by the impoverished beauty who walked and talked like a lady, but worked from dawn to dusk and lived in desolate isolation, Sebastian sets about uncovering all of her secrets.

Amelia considered the devastatingly handsome rogue who had appeared in the middle of the night, was getting all too comfortable in her bed.  She tried, to keep him at arm's length while he recovered, but the lure of his tender smiles and warm embrace, was too much for this lonely outcast to resist, and she soon finds herself succumbing to his irresistible charm.  Carefully keeping her secrets hidden, she discovers that the past is never far behind you.

Sebastian is only too grateful that his recuperation in the desolate hovel she calls home, is short.   Unfortunately, the pressing need to return home to hunt for the man who had ordered his murder is made more urgent by the need to keep Amelia safe.  Determined to protect her at all costs, he isn't above using the passion that burns between them to achieve his ultimate goals.  

But can he persuade his own reluctant Cinders that her future really lies with him?  Or will her own stubborn determination to remain independent from the ghosts of her past keep them apart forever?  

Book Three of the Cavendish Mysteries: Chasing Eliza is out on 15th February 2013.

My inspiration for the Cavendish Series came from a visit to Derby Gaol (given to me as a birthday treat). We viewed death masks and penny dreadfuls in a really creepy place - my other half really knows how to show a girl a good time! Death Masks and penny dreadfuls feature in Cinders and Ashes but Derby Gaol will feature quite a lot in the fourth and final book in this series: The Gallows Bride.