ABOUT Kenn Phillips

Kenn Phillips
Husband. Father. Correctional Officer. Writer. Hopefully, in a couple of years I'll be able to add 'former' to that third title and instead of signing hourly block checks, I'll be signing the blank page inside my book that you just bought.



"Daggers. Daggers. All around me sixways are daggers. And each one presents a different death. Love and martyrdom. Sublime and indifference. Chaos and nostalgia. Of them all, let me die at the hands, and at the feet, of love." – Wiz, Journal Entry #194

Have you ever believed that there was a dark, evil force out to get you? Neither did Stew Kasey. That’s for paranoid conspiracy theorists. The bad thing is, he should believe it, because there’s definitely a dark and evil force out there who believes in Stew Kasey. Fortunately, for Stew, there is also a force of good looking out for him—his brother. Now, if only Stew knew that he had a brother…

Stew Kasey is a young film critic, content to live an ordinary existence. Sometimes, still, he finds himself searching for deeper meaning in his life. After an attack in an alley puts him in a coma, he discovers just what the word 'ordinary' means and how it no longer has any place in his life. He wakes to a world where everything looks normal on the surface, but there is something else—something hidden beneath the shadows of the mundane. Faeries, leprechauns, gnomes and other magical creatures are not figments of the imagination who roam only in the dreams of children. They’re real. And Stew Kasey is about to find that out.

Author's Note: Lost/ is the new title for "Lost Gods Part One: In the Shadow of the Sun." No new content other than the title.