The Bayshore Mysteries: Book Two:The Secret Graveyard

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Jerrye Sumrall



Something strange is happening in Beatrice!

First a mysterious boy appears. Then unusual carved figures are found. Later, slave journals are discovered and then a secret map. Where does the map lead? Will Jeff and Melissa solve the mystery about the strange boy? Could it be connected to the secret map?

Jeff Douglas and new friend Melissa are thrown into a series of mysteries and adventures when he comes to visit his great grandfather in Beatrice, Alabama. Beatrice, a small southern town whose past holds many secrets, is just part of the mystery. Other secrets are revealed when they pursue a strange African-American boy, discover unusual carved figurines, find old slave journals, and then a secret map. Further adventures find them exploring an old courthouse, getting lost in the woods and trapped in a train tunnel. Their quest to find the truth takes them on a mysterious and scary journey into the past.

*Reached #1 in Amazon's Children's Mystery and Spy Books, Top 100 Free.
*Number 12 in Amazon's Top Rated Children's Mystery and Spy Stories, based on reviews.

The story takes place around my Grandfather's old homestead in Beatrice, Al. The setting also includes, an old mill, a rain tunnel and Monroeville, Al, home of famed author, Harper Lee. My interest in writing the story came from a lifelong fascination with the whole area. It is full of history, intriguing mystery and is part of my family's heritage. Most of the story is fiction but it is based on some historical facts.