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Neeraj Bhatia
For me writing comes as overflow of ever going background thought process within me. Being in sales, I feel I live with a put on and real me tries to come out through my words, though I am still trying to discover myself- but that is an ongoing evolution- as by the time I think I have fou More...



A story about people who have failed in life and then get together to create something which changes the world forever

It’s a story about ordinary people who get together and do something extraordinary, Life hadn’t treated them well, but they decide to take life in their own hands and not only do they manage to change their own lives, they take every common person in the world with them. They create a business model, which changes life of millions and in process they are offered billions, the big question in front of them was what was important? Billions of pounds or billions of people!! They are able to raise some money and partner with an Indian IT company to get the site live and also partner with a small, but capable marketing company, which helps them to launch the site with very successful events in Goa, London, and New york. The site gains ground and crosses 200 million users. And finally the day comes when they are offered £6 billion for their exit. Would they exit?

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