Starstone - First in the Structure Chronicles

ABOUT Denise M. Main

Denise M. Main
I love writing! And I'm lucky that two of my books have been published and a third has been accepted by my publisher World Castle Publishing which is good since its part of a series, the 'Structure Chronicles'! I was born in Yorkshire, England, in a town where EmilyBronte was a governess  More...


Anraun is one of the most beautiful worlds in the Structure, but something is causing dark dreams among the more sensitive of its inhabitants. Something that was exiled centuries ago by the strongest Prime Lords of that time. The prison world of Danaach. Exiled long ago, it holds the worst criminals in existence, or rather, their offspring. Who after centuries on their own little world have interbred and honed the particular talents that put their ancestors there in the first place. And now, that wicked ‘something’ this way comes.




The instrument of Danaach’s exile was the Starstone. Created by energies drawn from the various Prime world rulers, the Starstone opened a way between dimensions, between realities; sent the prison world there and slammed the door after it.




Then, because of the vast power locked in the Starstone, it was divided and the ‘shards’ hidden throughout the Structure. Except now, some of them are missing. Varen, part Nightlord, all nasty, has one. Morgan, High Lord of Anraun, and seer Liath find one, using it to unlock the Land–Power. Another one is...well, that comes to light later. But the worst thing is, there’s one on Danaach, and the prison world is on its way back for revenge.




While old treacheries mingle with new, Morgan calls on Nightlord friends, other Prime Lords and the ghost of his father, as he and the seer fight for their lives and their world. To keep the exiled world away. Or be rid of it once and for all.






Running concurrently with Starstone is:–


Morne – Second in the Structure Chronicles


Meanwhile, on the world of Iantii trouble is brewing that will make Anraun look like a holiday centre. A sinister stranger invades the mind of young AleahKamutec. Her twin is kidnapped. Tarikal Fidhala, Nightlord envoy, finds out what really happened to his mentor, Lucienne, Stealer of souls. And JarlanKamutec, in charge while his Prime Lord father is off–world, finds that their Starstone shard is missing.