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Abimbola CirclesOfLove
Abimbola CirclesOfLove is her pen name; she is the host of Circles of Love - a website where she shares inspirational stories. Born in Nigeria, but currently lives in the United Kingdom with her family. She loves writing Christian Fiction, and hope to inspire and encourage her readers wit More...


This is the Maiden Edition of our magazine. It's a New Dawn!
It's packed full with inspiring stories and articles featuring:

2 Hearts,
My Husband, my lover and my friend,
Royal Prisoner and lots more.

These stories are not only intriguing, captivating and breath-taking but are also inspiring, motivating and edifying.


Have a happy reading!



  • 2 Hearts.

Rachael doubted her husband’s devotion and love for her after the return of his once lover. Can she look beyond the hurt and pain and still fight for her marriage even when she’s threatened in her home?

  • Quick Tips to Managing Stress @ Work.

Be stress free at work; enjoying every day’s work.

  • My husband, lover and friend.

After losing his job; Victor felt intimidated by his wife’s success, his attitude and behaviour began to affect their marriage. Despite her submission and patient, he’s determined on making life difficult for her, almost destroying everything they’ve both work for.

  • 4 Ds to Success.

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you are meant to be’. George Sheehan quotes.

  • A Royal Prisoner.

Benjamin Cooker had a plan to be wealthy and successful, but all was thwarted when he involved himself in something that sought to destroy every thing he worked for; bringing shame and disgrace to his family and community.

  • The Battle isn’t over yet.

Are you fighting so hard and about to give up? Does it look as if all roads are block and no way out? Don’t give up yet, the Lord is on your side, the battle isn’t over yet.

  • Wounded Hearts series– Betrayal.

The most powerful ties are the ones to the people who gave us birth, it hardly seems to matter how many years have passed, how many betrayals there may have been, how much misery in the family: We remain connected, even against our wills.” Anthony Brandt quotes –

“What happens when we are betrayed by the very person you love and respect?”