Circles of Love E-Magazine Third Edition (Circles of Love Magazine)

ABOUT Abimbola CirclesOfLove

Abimbola CirclesOfLove
Abimbola CirclesOfLove is her pen name; she is the host of Circles of Love - a website where she shares inspirational stories. Born in Nigeria, but currently lives in the United Kingdom with her family. She loves writing Christian Fiction, and hope to inspire and encourage her readers wit More...


Hi there!

Welcome to the third edition of the Circles of Love Magazine.
This edition is packed full with stories that are inspiring, captivating, spell-bound and full of intrigue; most importantly, it will bless you. Have a happy reading!


Let’s talk about the ‘S’ Word – Sex in Marriage!
What is sex, and what is love? Does love dies as years goes on? Shannon was faced with the decision of fighting for her marriage or just let it go.

Breaking Habits
Are you trying to break free from any form of addition or habits? How do you put your body under subjection to the Spirit of God?

Finding Love
Mariam Idiris travelled thousands of miles away from her home to find love; faced with regrets and disappointment; only to discover that love is a choice you make.