Misfit McCabe

ABOUT LK Gardner-Griffie

LK Gardner-Griffie
Born in Seattle, WA and raised & living in Southern California, I am definitely a west coast girl. I started reading when I was 2 years old, so I don't remember learning how, just that books have always been a part of my life. I've always enjoyed reading and as far back as I can rememb More...


As summer was coming to an end, accidentally burning down a shed became the least of fourteen-year-old Katie McCabe’s problems. Having lost her mother when she was just a baby, Katie was shattered to learn that her father was seriously ill. Hustled off to live with Uncle Charley while her father was hospitalized, Katie struggles with accepting her new family. On her first day in town, she meets Harvey Jr. and they quickly become adversaries. As the warfare between Katie and Harvey escalates, involving trips to the vice principal’s office, cheating, lies, and vandalism, she battles homesickness and fear that her life could be changing forever.

Runner Up for Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award
Misfit McCabe garners runner up honors in the Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award contest out of 150 titles. 

"There is an interesting range or varied emotions from crying to laughing to simply secretly smiling to yourself because you can relate to every turn of events. You should definitely read this book."

Move over Judy Blume! McCabe is a New Teen Character for a New Generation

I asked what happened to good ole books like the ones Judy Blume wrote, and with Misfit McCabe, I got my answer!

LK Gardner-Griffie is a clever author who has truly embraced the “tween” readers of today with a rambunctious young lady they will certainly relate to.  Katie McCabe, the main character, is a rebellious fourteen year old tom girl looking for trouble.  And most of the time, she gets exactly what she’s looking for!
~Shannon Yarbrough, the LL Book Review

Bring on the Sequel!
Misfit McCabe is beautifully written and Katie is an engaging central character. LK Gardner-Griffie truly understands young teens and takes you into their world, with all their insecurities and uncertainties.
I'm sure that more adventures await Katie, more "growing pains" and more lessons from life, in the coming sequel to Misfit McCabe. I can't wait to read it.
~Author Linda Welch

Winner of the Flamingnet.com Top Choice Award
I loved Misfit McCabe! The descriptions were amazing. I was glued to Misfit McCabe like a fly stuck to fly tape.
~Student Reviewer for Flamingnet.com

Full of Action
A story brimming with all the right ingredients for that 'awkward' age: growing up, relationships, finding a place in the world...

Packed with action from the start, this well written tale will have readers wanting to turn the pages.

I particularly liked the underlying humour, although mixed with a seriousness that borders the disturbing events, it shines enough to give us a glimpse of the true identity of the heroine...one to like and champion.

Certainly one for those 'in-between'.

Julie Elizabeth Powell, author of Gone, The Star Realm, Knowing Jack and Slings & Arrows