The Absence of Goodness

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Isaac Morris

Publisher : iUniverse Corporation

ABOUT Isaac Morris

Isaac Morris
My new novel, The Absence of Goodness, was published in January 2009 by iUniverse Corporation.



When a sheriff’s deputy is brutally murdered, fellow deputy Margaret
Donovan—his lover—questions every choice she has made as her
life spins out of control. Struggling to find meaning amidst chaos, she
returns to the faith in which she was raised. A friendship with a local nun
motivates Margaret to hand in her badge and gun and devote her life to
the convent.

Poised to make her final profession and take the veil, Margaret learns
of the murder of two students. Her former boss asks her to help him to
solve the killings. Margaret soon links the recent murders and a thirtyyear- old cold-case slaying of another Saint Dominic’s student. She also realizes the first murder is entangled in a cover-up designed to protect some influential people.

Working to identify the killer, her burdens escalate. Another child is on
the killer’s hit list, and she finds the detective with whom she’s working,
Bill Templeton, falling in love with her. Realizing she makes bad choices
more often then she would like, Margaret desperately attempts to solve
the murders and reconcile her spiritual and secular lives. Only God knows where it will all end, but Margaret’s faith—and ultimately her love—will lead her to the truth.